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  • Los Angeles Skyline
Supermoon in Los Angeles

Astro Photography in LA and the Supermoon

It has been two and a half years since I embarked on this adventurous and ever-challenging project of documenting Los Angeles using the time-lapse photography technique. From scouting locations, planning, waiting for perfect weather conditions (which are rare in LA) to hiking and driving so many miles throughout the city always looking for a good photography spot, the whole experience has been just amazing.

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Behind the Hollywood Sign

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

Continuing with the series of time-lapse videos, TimeLAX02 includes photo sequences from Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley areas along with additional shots from Downtown Los Angeles and its surroundings. Hiking to Mount Lee to capture the city during the sunset behind the world famous Hollywood Sign involved taking four long walks uphill with 30lbs of camera gear, a powerful flashlight, snake-guards and a can of bear spray (to be somehow protected against wild animals) but being up there was a totally amazing experience.

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